Using Google Ads for Flight Booking (Best Results)

Google Ads serves as the airport from which all marketing flights depart. It is adaptable, systematic, and produces visible results.

Google Ads can provide the ideal platform for new websites to succeed. As as you adhere to Google’s ad policies, it’s the ideal ad platform.

So, it appears to be an obvious choice when launching a new flight booking website.

Furthermore, the travel sector is gradually improving following the pandemic recession. Let’s take a look at the figures. In 2019, the global travel market was valued at $1,868.5 billion USD. The pandemic caused a significant drop in 2020. The market has shrunk to $1,094.8 billion USD.

Nonetheless, the industry began to recover in 2021. It registered 1,311.1 billion USD in businesses. The airline booking sub-niche is a major part of the tourism market.

Let’s look at how you can use Google Ads to succeed in this quick industry.

The flight booking niche is highly competitive

It’s a fiercely competitive market. Simply enter a booking query into Google and see what happens! A search for ‘New York to Texas flight’, for example, immediately returns best booking service providers.

Expedia and MakeMyTrip are two well-known examples. It is difficult to beat them in the SEO competition. As a result, you must rely on Google Ads to get your flight booking website noticed.

Our results of the study conducted a few ad results. Only one of these advertisements appeared at the top of the SERP. Others emerged beneath the organic results.

As an outcome, it is clear that Google believes it is better business to discover opportunities sites on its SERP.

Here’s another interesting observation. None of the advertisements appeared to take the traditional approach. They were creative, going above and beyond the standard flight booking offer.

One ad, for example, produced results for commercial flights. Another purported to offer flight credits, and so on.

Running both SEO and ad campaigns

We recommend that you coordinate both your SEO and advertising campaigns. If you’re new to the game, don’t expect organic immediate results. A marketing campaign would be more efficient.

However, its visibility is determined by a variety of factors. Furthermore, the Google Ads system can be difficult to understand at first. As a result, they encourage new marketers to apply the smart mode.

This mode is quick to set up even though Google commits to doing all of the legwork. However, you also give up control over the majority of campaign parameters, including ad spend.

As a result, experts always recommend selecting ‘expert mode’ on the campaign goals setup page.

Take your time in understanding how to set up campaigns, goals, and ad types. Although you must move higher a steep learning curve at first, you will be better off in the long run.

Fraudulent behaviour in the flight booking industry

It is important to note that the giant search engine prohibits ad platform malpractice. Account suspension has occurred on several occasions in the flight booking industry.

There have been reports of fake call centres operating low-cost flight scams. Every air traveller desires super low flight tickets. As a result, the fraudsters take advantage of this sentiment.

They make appealing offers in order to obtain your financial information. You’re about to lose a lot more than the fare! Ad mistakes can have serious consequences.

You may be subjected to a compliance audit or have your remarketing list declared invalid.

At worst, advertisers may face a temporary or permanent account suspension. As a result, if you want to stop ad policies for a quick flight booking scam, don’t do it.

Best Flight booking ad Campaigns

Google offers a variety of ad formats. Based on the campaign feature chosen, advertisers can select the appropriate ad type.

Types of advertisements include:

  • Search engine advertisements
  • Shopping advertisements
  • Video advertisements
  • Display advertisements
  • App advertisements
  • Call-only advertisements

So, what is the best flight booking format? We recommend that you use search ad campaigns. These text-based ads are designed to look like organic SEO results.

However, you must concentrate on writing appealing ad copy. Present an attractive offer that entices users to choose your ad over the competition.

Video advertisements are also very popular in the travel booking segment. Google primarily displays these on YouTube. You can also experiment with display ads. These are banners that can be seen on the Google Display Network.

Advertisers could promote a flight booking app on the PlayStore. Then you should experiment with app advertisements.

You could run a travel booking service that insists on taking phone calls. Consider the call-only format for mobile devices in that case.

Best keyword strategy for Flight Booking ads

You must create a successful keyword strategy, particularly for search ads. Start focusing on the keywords that drive the majority of traffic in this segment.

Examples include “cheap flight booking,” “budget airlines,” and “low flight fare.” Use the match type feature in Google Ads as well. This feature tells Google when to show the ad based on the meaning implied by the search query.

  • Broad/loose matching means that the ad will show up in searches for your keyword.
  • Phrase/moderate matching means that the ad appears in searches that include the meaning of the keyword.
  • Exact/tight matching means that your ad will appear in searches that contain the exact definition of your keyword.

You must also prepare a list of negative keywords. These are the ads that will not generate a response.

Create a good landing page for your Flight Booking Website.

The functionality of a flight booking website determines its success. You must have an useful landing page. You must rely on its functionality rather than its visual appeal.

However, ignoring the effect was found may result in a lower quality score in Google Ads. As a result, it is essential to find the right balance and create a good landing page that users will remember.

Retargeting campaigns on Google Ads for Flight Booking

Retargeting is extremely important for a flight booking website. This means that, based on the user’s previous importance in your service, you must place relevant display ads in his browsing history. People usually take the time to compare prices from various websites in order to find the best deal.

As a result, if a user visits your ad or landing page with the intent to book but does not do so, you can track him using Google Ads retargeting cookies. This increases your chances of converting active aim into sales.

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Google Ads for flight booking could be an option. However, you must consider several important factors.

These are niche competition, keyword strategy, yet another deals, and retargeting. You must also have a good and highly reliable landing page that can drive sales.

As always, if you require assistance with Google Ads management, please contact me at the phone number listed.

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