Call only ads PPC for Airline Flight Booking Campaign

PPC Call Only Ads PPC for Airline Booking Campaign : Call extensions are used for airline booking campaigns. Instead, a toll-free number can be included in the heading, but call-only campaigns take it a step further.

Google ads PPC Call only ads Airline Booking Campaign
Google ads PPC Call only ads Airline Booking Campaign

Websky Digital Marketing team is an expert to run Google Adwords calls only ads for Airline Flight booking Ticketing process.

Google ads call only ads Airline Ticket Campaign
Google ads call only ads Airline Ticket Campaign

Furthermore, this is a newer ideal ad format for businesses that rely mainly on airline phone calls reservation, and it can also benefit companies with a smaller call focus.

How to Generate PPC Inbound Calls for Travel Flight Booking

Various reasons to consider creating new Adwords call-only ad campaigns for airline booking reservation campaign

There are three types of Ads for Aviation business

  • Within USA Country
  • Ex India to USA
  • USA origin to anywhere in the world

Users frequently request US Domestics and PPC campaign aviation services from within United States. We assist in generating calls from these locations with amazingly simple techniques.

We pick two types of keywords when creating a call-only ad in Google AdWords for Aviation

  • Airline’s specific keywords like (United Airlines, American Airline, and Delta Airlines)
  • Generic travel keywords (flight from, discounted flights, last-minute flight deals)

PPC Call only ads for Airline Flights Booking Campaign Benefits

  • With call-only ads, the toll free phone number is placed at the very top, along with the word “call.”
  • It encourages more attention by using larger font sizes and coloured text.
  • In addition to the phone number placement, the call button is displayed right next to your ad copy.

Direct Phone Calls for Aviation Booking Ticketing

  • Instead of diverting users to a landing page where they may or may not decide to contact the company.
  • When you click on a call-only ad, users will receive an immediate phone call.
  • Prospects now can connect with businesses, significantly shortening the sales funnel.
  • Conversions in a call centre are highly dependent on the support team, so having answers that correspond to the ad that prompted the call is essential.

Additional Google Adwords tips Airlines Ticketing Calls

  • The headline contains a keyword.
  • The primary feature concludes with a call to action.
  • Properly help in promoting your product or service.
  • A call to action is being tested against no call to action.
  • Using the display URL to provide additional relevance to the user.
  • Ideally, the URL should include the keyword or something similar.
  • The keyword will benefit in relevance and quality score.

Top Keywords for Air Ticketing Reservation Campaign

  • United Airline Reservation Customer Service
  • Southwest Airline Reservation Customer Service
  • American Airline Reservation Service
  • Spirit Airline Reservation Service
  • Alaska Airline Customer Service

USA to World Conversion Generic Flight Booking PPC keywords list

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US Domestic Destinations

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Ex USA Routes Popular in India

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If you already have PPC Calls only ads accounts on Google, contact us to optimise them for a higher volume of calls. Please contact us if you want to set up PPC Call-only ads for Airline Flight Booking Campaign.

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